Be It Resolved

20 12 2007

My apologies to my regular and semi-regular readers; my running has dropped off since my last race on December 1st, and the blogging even more so. Have no fear, I am as resolved as ever to meeting my running goals for 2008 and look forward to blogging much more frequently when the race season begins. For now, there is certainly more than a little off-season apathy going on here, coupled with plenty of seasonal- and career-related distractions. But also lingering back there is my fear that my left knee is as messed up as ever. I had a great training month of October, but a non-running injury to my left knee really slowed things down in November and the pain was still present on the climbs at my December 1st race. Now I’ve only run a couple times this month so far, and have another 5k lined up for December 31st. Appropriately enough, it’s called the Resolution Run. We’ll have to see how the knee holds up. Either way, I’m expecting an off-season type of performance but hopefully completing the race will give the ‘ole motivation a little boost.




2 responses

22 12 2007
Greg on the Run

I’m hoping for the same motivation boost – my first post-injury race is alaso a Resoution Run on Jan. 1. I don’t expect to go fast. My goal is to beat last year’s time (my second race ever) of 51 minutes.

3 01 2008

I hear ya – finding time to run lately has been the pits, then add the arctic blast this week and you get a couch potato.

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