Santa Shuffle 5k Mini-Report

1 12 2007

Woke up today with my back feeling much improved, and decided I was ready to give today’s 5k race a shot. Got to the event site and there were over 500 runners, most of whom were dressed in elf ears, Santa hats, or jingle bells. This was a multi-city event being held across the country, and there was a 1k walk as well. The unfortunate thing was they decided to let *all* the 1k walkers do their thing first before corralling the runners into the chute. This resulted in hundreds of runners jumping around in sub-freezing temperatures (with a light dusting of snow for good measure) for a good half hour while waiting for the walkers to finish. Nothing against the walkers here, that’s just poor organization. I felt like whining with the other runners that this was “the worst organized event I’ve ever been to”, but then I realized that even though I’ve only done 6 races, I’ve heard that said each and every time by some wily road warrior or another. So this just made me laugh – every race is the worst organized! Yahoo, let’s go!

The bottom line: back was a little tender, knee hurt a bit on the uphills, fought stitches from eating too soon before race time, two walk breaks and a nothing-to-brag-about 28:04 finish that still felt like one heck of an accomplishment given the disaster this past month has been.




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1 12 2007

That’s great that you were able to run after the toast incident. I don’t think 28:04 is anything to sneeze at. My 5k PR is 27:00, and that was pushing myself while great condition. Congratulations!

I agree that having the walkers start first AND making you stand around until they finished was very poor judgement. Everyone who’s been to a race knows that it’s standard procedure to start with the highest distance first, then work back to the shortest. But to let walkers start first? That’s crazy. But props to you for just letting it go and having a good attitude and a fun run.

1 12 2007

Thanks, Topher. I’m not too frustrated with the time, but the fact that my left knee hurt on the climbs was a bit of an unwelcome surprise. Maybe I do have a bone chip or something behind there.

I forgot to mention too that it was my first race where people were running with dogs. We all know how fun that can be. And one of them suddenly felt ‘moved’ to desecrate the sidewalk in front of me. Yikes!

2 12 2007
Eric Gervase

I love the comment about every race has been the “worst organized race ever”. I feel the same way. There is always someone complaining about that. But, congrats to you for another race under your belt. Despite not pr’ing, you had a back injury and weather to compete with.

You will be under 25:00 in no time. Have fun with the winter training. It’s starting to get cold now.

15 12 2007
Greg on the Run

Good for you for getting out there. Take it easy and odn’t overdo it.

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