Fall Progress

27 10 2007

Haven’t posted for a while, but have been keeping up fairly well with the running. I was back in Ontario last week, and took advantage of the opportunity to re-run the course of my fastest 5k (KSLO Canada Day Race in Burlington – stay tuned for the report!). My regular training run in Halifax approaches 9k and is very hilly, so I was lured by the flat lake-side pathway and stretched it out to a full 10k. Finished in just over 53:00 to my amazement.

With my confidence boosted by that run, today I got out to a flat course back home in Halifax (BLT 10k) and not only completed my second 10k, but also clocked my fastest ever 5k with a 24:57 first half split. Yahoo! Took a minute off my Burlington time from last week for the 10k too. With these two long runs under my belt, I’ve cracked 100k for the month of October. That’s my first time over that milestone, with the next closest being 78k in September. I guess the fall air really does help out!


Run For The Hills

18 10 2007

Since moving to Nova Scotia from Ontario this September, I’ve come to the realization that I’d never really ran a hill before in my entire life. For those of you perhaps unfamiliar with Halifax or east-coast Canada, think San Francisco or Seattle and you’re almost there. I have read some running blogs where people take photos along their training routes, but I can’t imagine either 1) lugging my camera with me on my runs; or 2) walking these routes just for ‘fun’. I’m all for walking, but I swear the hills around here would be even harder to walk than they are to run.

I remember living in Ontario and reading about doing “hill work”, and laughing cynically about how on earth am I supposed to find a hill of a particular grade that I can run up for 100 or 200m?  No such problem in Nova Scotia! I can have my pick of grades and my pick of distances all within close range of my front door.  I’m still not sure *why* I am supposed to run hills, but there they are. They have certainly slowed down my pace and re-configured my notion of what a “good” 3k, 5k, or 9k time is, but word on the street is that doing hills is like eating your Wheaties – it sure isn’t fun, but it’s good for you.

That being said, today I’m launching my “Training Routes” page with my current long ‘easy’ route: 9k of grinding it out on the hills of Halifax. I’d love to hear if you’ve got a regular training run that is hillier!