Change Of Plans

28 11 2007

I was supposed to be going for an easy outdoor 5k today in preparation for my Dec 1st race. Unfortunately, whilst putting bread in the fridge, I just threw my lower back out. You have got to be kidding me! At least I can use the same ice pack I picked up for my left knee pain (which seems to be doing fine). I’ve had a history of throwing out my back/neck while doing stupid things; case in point: this is not the first toast-related injury. However, this now makes three separate incidents over the past three months. First, I injured my upper back after two days behind the wheel at the start of September. Then just a couple weeks later I wrecked my neck while stretching and changing positions in the middle of the night. Both of these got better with time and a few visits to the chiropractor. I wish I could remember whether I felt significantly better within three days or not, to give me an idea of whether I might be able to run/walk/crawl on Saturday. If there’s any lingering pain in my back, I may have to call it off. Argh! I’m not entertaining the notion that “running is bad for your back”; I’ve thrown out my back/neck on average about once a year for the past 18 years and only been running for 8 months. I do agree that if my back is susceptible to injury, then running probably is an added stress. I think I need to be a bit smarter in terms of prevention like doing exercises aimed at strengthening my back muscles, as well as working on stretches to help my flexibility. Making toast shouldn’t hurt this much!




2 responses

28 11 2007

I’m sorry man, but that is SO DANG FUNNY! Not the injury part, that really sucks, especially for a runner. But the whole toast part, especially your last line. Just a very well written, humorous post. Thanks for the laugh, but I do sincerely hope your back feels better soon and that you have a great race on Saturday.

28 11 2007

Thanks, Topher. Hearing that someone threw out their back usually sounds as if something either heroic or violent must have happened like “yeah, but you should see the *other* guy”, however the truth is always less glamorous. Now, if I was reaching for a donut, at least I could console myself with the donut.

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