Fall Progress

27 10 2007

Haven’t posted for a while, but have been keeping up fairly well with the running. I was back in Ontario last week, and took advantage of the opportunity to re-run the course of my fastest 5k (KSLO Canada Day Race in Burlington – stay tuned for the report!). My regular training run in Halifax approaches 9k and is very hilly, so I was lured by the flat lake-side pathway and stretched it out to a full 10k. Finished in just over 53:00 to my amazement.

With my confidence boosted by that run, today I got out to a flat course back home in Halifax (BLT 10k) and not only completed my second 10k, but also clocked my fastest ever 5k with a 24:57 first half split. Yahoo! Took a minute off my Burlington time from last week for the 10k too. With these two long runs under my belt, I’ve cracked 100k for the month of October. That’s my first time over that milestone, with the next closest being 78k in September. I guess the fall air really does help out!




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28 10 2007
Greg on the Run

Great runs. Keep it up!

31 10 2007

Strong Runs. My last 5K was a (meek) PR at 25:15, counting some creative accounting since I crossed the start line a couple hundred runners deep. 100K month is strong. Hope you dont get hurt (I stopped at 0.9miles this morning with a foot pain that wasn’t going away, hopefully I’ll be back at it next week…)

1 11 2007

That 25:00 barrier is a big psychological one too. In May, I was ecstatic to crack 30:00 in my first race. Sub-20:00 is for those real weirdos!

I actually topped 120k for the month, with no injuries to speak of – although I have been more deliberate about only running every other day, which seems to do the trick.

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